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14th Star Brewing Co.

133 N. Main St.
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14th Star Brewing started as a daydream in the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan. Seriously, we couldn't make that up. Founder Steve and his best friend were doing just that in 2010 when the idea came to the long time homebrewers. Why not open a brewery, preparing for the day we can retire from the Army? Thus, started the journey from a handwritten business plan in the back of a notebook to a fully-licensed craft brewery. 

14th Star has grown from its very small Lower Newton Road location to its current location in the St. Albans Shopping Plaza where the bowling alley was for many, many years. Our 3000-square foot taproom has a beautiful bar made from one of the lanes to keep a piece of history here as long as possible. We also now have a 3000-aqare foot event space called The Room. Having been born and raised here, we wanted to be able to share how special this community is with others. Having this space allows us to be able to host many fundraisers to give back to those in need. 14th Star is a big supporter of Veterans organizations, such as the Purple Hearts Reunited and the Josh Pallotta Fund, in addition to many more local civic, humanitarian and animal rights organizations.

Whether you're having a pint at a local restaurant or pub, stopping by our beautiful 3000sqft pub and taproom, or getting a growler fill, you'll be able to taste the pride and effort that goes into making every 14th Star beer. We know what challenging and demanding work, attention to detail, and creativity can produce on the battlefield - we want to bring that to your glass.

Member Since: 2015