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We throw every kind of event--fundraisers, food events, concerts, theater, panels, socials, revivals of 1920 Argentinian communist theater--for every type of cause. Who cares what everyone is in to - as long as we are all in to something! We will all destroy apathy the only way possible- together! Come and enjoy our diverse events!

Apathy is the lack of concern, emotion, or care. Apathy is the poison that erodes our hope- the hope that you matter, that your work is effective, that your life has meaning, that you can change the world. Hope is what fuels us to act. We destroy apathy so that there is room for hope to grow.

Our mission is based on five operating principles. Essentially, the five boil down to the facts that: we are in it together, we can affect our situation, we are the ones who will do it, and we will have fun doing it.

Our restaurant serves food as diverse and fun as the events we throw. Sourced ethically and locally, we cook the food that we want to eat. It's the food we are psyched about and we think you'll love it too.  Under the guidance of Chef George Lambertson, the kitchen will always keep the quality high, the creativity flowing, and the surprises frequent.

Our menu consists of classic dishes and seasonal specials that change daily. We are open for dinner before events, during events, and for some nights just because. In order to give you the best service and care (especially during the most colorful events), we now serve table service in the dining room! Tuesday to Saturday 4:30-10:00pm.

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