Maple Sugarhouses Open to the Public

Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States and sets the standard by which maple syrup is judged. Sugaring season, first instituted by native North Americans, begins in early spring and is a time to celebrate the return to warm weather.

Tour sugarhouses statewide to experience sugaring and our rural heritage during the annual Vermont Maple Open House Weekend, March 24-25 2012. For more information on sugarhouses and the Vermont maple industry, contact the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association & Vermont Maple Foundation (802-763-7435 or

When visiting and touring sugarhouses and the surrounding maple forests, we recommend wearing warm, weather-proof clothing and mud boots.  It is also recommended that you call ahead, whether it’s just to look around or to arrange a sugar-on-snow party. To locate maple sugarhouses on a Vermont map, pick up a Vermont Ski Resort and Year-Round Maple Syrup Guide at any Vermont Welcome and Information Center, or call 802-223-3443 to have one mailed to you.

For a list of members of the Vermont Sugarmaker’s Association go to